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Google's (Likely Unintended) Ultimatum on +1 for Publishers

Google’s (Likely Unintended) Ultimatum on +1 for Publishers

I love a good story of mystery and intrigue, especially when it involves something as mundane as search engine optimization (SEO). This story involves a reporter from Forbes, a Google sales guy, and the case of a missing news report. Late last week, Forbes reporter Kashmir Hill wrote about a meeting she was pulled into...
There's So Much to Optimize for These Days

There’s So Much to Optimize for These Days

Not long ago, talk of optimizing a website centered exclusively on search.  A principal concern was making sure a new (or renovated) site ranked well in search results.  No longer. Companies these days hold lengthy discussions about optimization. Oddly, search is often the last subject to come up, at least in my recent experience. Instead...