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Publishing Operating Systems (pubOS)

As the media technologies and services used by publishers and marketing professionals move to SaaS models, a publishing operating system (pubOS) is emerging, comprising services for Web, mobile, tablets, and OTT TV channels.

Though the space is still nascent and evolving, there are three broad buckets within the pubOS space in which providers and services fit:

  • Cloud—hosting and related technology services
  • Content—the full range of both professional and amateur media
  • Technology

According to research, over the next decade tens of billions of dollars in media stack spend will move to SaaS solutions, much like ad tech did in the decade past. In 2010 more than $10 billion was spent globally on media tech by ad-supported online publishers, plus billions more by Web marketers on publishing. Projected product spend ($B) by display-ad supported publishers only  (not including marketers) will increase to $16 billion by 2014.

Projected Project Spen